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Protect your students from abuse.
Help your staff prevent false allegations.
Educate the community about sexual misconduct.

Ms. Lahiri removes the elephant by shining light on a very sensitive topic – one that necessitates discussion and training. She lays out risk factors, red flags, and counterproductive school community norms, which can lead to compromised boundaries with students. She offers case scenarios for discussion and clear guidelines and recommendations for both teachers and school communities. She provides recommendations on school policy and offers strategies to create healthier and safer school environments.

 – Susan Robinson, LICSW, Author of Growing Beyond: A Workbook for Teenage Girls


Free Professional Development for Faculty and Staff

Anitra Lahiri speaks to teachers, administrators, and staff members on in-service and professional development days. Lahiri draws on her own experience to share how educators in your community can maintain clearer boundaries with students as well as prevent sexual misconduct and false allegations of abuse.

Free Distance Coaching (Coming Soon)

We can assist you in updating your school’s handbooks, policies, and codes of conduct to help prevent sexual misconduct and false allegations of abuse.

Free In-Depth Consulting (Coming Soon)

For a detailed, in-depth analysis and advice customized for your school, we can work closely with your staff to help you understand where you’re doing well with student-teacher boundaries and where there are areas for improvement.

From gathering data to updating handbooks and providing detailed step-by-step strategies, we cover it all to help your school be safer — for both students and employees.

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If I had read Ms. Lahiri’s book as a young teacher at the beginning of my career, it would have prevented a lot of confusion. Every teacher should read this book, young and old.

Barbara S.

Schools are in a precarious situation as distance learning becomes the norm. It seems like there’s more possibility of sexual misconduct and false allegations than ever before. Anitra Lahiri uses her experience to really help teachers and schools see where they can do better.

David R.

With a name that means “merciful,” Anitra Lahiri believes in the power of using life’s mistakes and challenges to help others. She earned her English Education degree from New York University, completed Yoga Teacher Training in 2004, and holds certifications in Natural Health, Life Coaching, and SMART Recovery Facilitator Training. Lahiri uses her 22 years of teaching, her life’s greatest challenge, and all she’s learned along the way to help schools be safer for students and teachers alike. When not writing, editing, or helping teachers, she’s usually spending time with her husband and best friend of 25+ years, their two extraordinary sons, and their beloved furry four-leggeds.


SaferClassrooms.org is dedicated to helping protect high school students from sexual abuse and high school employees from facing false allegations.

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